Dublin Ireland March 31st 1852 (3) [Wednesday 1852-03-31]

My excellent - my beloved and never to be forgotten family one and all. I seize my pen this morning to write you a few lines to let you know that I am alive and on my way home although I have stoped [stopped] for a short time on this side the Atlantic. I am now in the capitol of the Emerald Isle [Ireland]. I came yesterday from Belfast and the North of Ireland, where I have been visiting the saints. I expect soon to return to England. Bro. Willard [Willard Trowbridge Snow 1811-1853] is in England preparing soon to go to Denmark. Bro. Franklin [Elder Franklin Dewey Richards 1821-1899] is in Scotland - We expect to meet in Conference in London April 6th [Tuesday 1852-04-06]. Bro. Franklin [Elder Franklin Dewey Richards 1821-1899] and myself are scouring the churches with a view of searching out and combineing [combining] the energies of Saints with means to establish works for the manufacture of Iron and Nails, Wire etc. in Utah. We hope to complete our business so as to sail per Steamer before the close of April [1852-04]. We intend being at Kanesvill [Council Bluffs – Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa] if the Lord Will about the first of June [Tuesday 1852-06-01]. Perhaps after geting [getting] the companies off we with others shall leave there with light & speedy conveyences [conveyances] and come home ahead of the camps, at all events we hope to spend next September conference [1852-09] with you.

I left Copenhagen [Copenhagen, Denmark] on the 4th [Thursday 1852-03-04] by Steamer passed through Hamburg [Hamburg, Germany], & sailed again thence to Hull in England by Steamer and landed in Liverpool via Rail Road on the evening of the 8th inst. [instant – Monday 1852-03-08]

I shiped [shipped] my Danish brethren numbering 28 per Ship "Itally" [Italy] for New Orleans [New Orleans, Louisiana] on the 11th of the same month [Thursday 1852-03-11] - and I hope to meet them in St Louis [St. Louis, Missouri], or Kanesville [Council Bluffs – Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa] to assist them to arrange for the Journey over the plains.

I wrote in a letter Just before I left Denmark that I wished you or Bro. Westover [Charles B. Westover] to expend the $100. due from Livingston & Kinkaid for Lumber, to season before I got home. But if it shall in any way cramp you in you [your] living or needfull [needfjul] arrangements draw on them for more and I hope to be able to meet it when I get home. Although as far as relates to goods you had better purchase nothing only what will be necessary untill [until] I come.

On my arrival in Liverpool I met a letter from Minerva [Minerva White Snow 1822-1896] which came out by the December [1851-12] mail which was exceedingly exceptable [acceptable] and is the latest news of you. Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow 1847-1913] was then sick of fever. I trust he was soon raised up again, at least I hope so. I feel very thankfull [thankful] for all your letters they have been very comforting to me. I shall scarcely hear from you again before I reach Kanesville [Council Bluffs – Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa] .

I have purchased your shawls & bonnets & other trinkets. The heavy articles are or will be purchased in St. Louis [St. Louis, Missouri] .

Bro. Lorenzo [Elder Lorenzo Snow 1814-1901] is on Malta, detained not by Shipwreck as was Paul, but is waiting for passage to India and while waiting is Paul like beginning to do a good work for the natives. Elder Taylor [Elder John Taylor 1808-1887] is gone to America.

Probably I shall sail to Boston [Boston, Massachusetts] and if so will endeavour [endeavor] to take time to slip up to Wansacket [Woonsocket, Rhode Island] & Northbridge [Northbridge, Massachusetts] .

My health is pretty good, although the cogitations of my brain during this mission have committed heavy depredations upon my hair.

I hope you are all in good health and spirits. If not I intend to come and make you so soon.

God Bless you all forever & ever Amen. In haste your affectionately E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]