[In same envelope as Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow's letter of same date]

[Sunday 28 Mar 1852]

My dear and affectionate Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] -- Sister Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915] is on her way to the Office [Post Office] & has called here & requests me to drop a [line] in her letter, I have nothing in particular to say, my health is good, likewise Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]. I begin to feel very impatient for the time to come when I shall behold you in the valley [Salt Lake Valley, Utah] I feel as though it will be a joyful [time] to me I feel to say fly swiftly ye days & months & bring the day when I shall behold him who is dearer to me than all others on earth. I have no news in particular to write to you, only, that our jane [?] is married to brother B. [Brigham Young ?] don't feel bad now because there is plenty more, if you wish to know my feelings read Elisabeths [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915] lines they speak my feelings very much and when you get home I will tell you more, please excuse my poor writing for I have been to work very hard to day [today] & feels [feel] very tired, please except [accept] my love & best wishes, & hasten home - from your true & affectionate Minerva [Minerva White Snow 1822-1896]