Great Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah]

March 28 1852 [Sunday 28 Mar 1852]

My dear and ever beloved Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] I seat myself this evening aside from the cares and bustle of the day to converce [converse] in this silent language with one who is always present in my mind and who is near and dear to my heart. I hardly know how to express the sentiments of my heart upon paper but I do feel thankfull [thankful] to my Heavenly father for his blessings that He has bestowed upon me during your long abscence [absence] for he has indeed blest [blessed] and comforted my heart from time to time and our lives are still spared while many of our kindred and friends have passed behind the vale and I feel thankfull [thankful] that you have been prospered on your mission and my prayer is daily that you may still be preserved while traveling through an unhealthy and sickly country how often does my heart swell with joy when I think but a few months and I shall behold your face again it seems that I shall feel doubly paid for our long seperation [separation] but I suppose you would like to hear how we are getting along here all is peace and quiet as usual the tabernacle is completed ready for conference [General Conference Apr 1852] it is a large and commodious building by far the best meeting house we have ever had I think we shall have a very interesting conference next month I wish you were here to attend so do you I suppose but then you are not as impatient as I am if you were you would want to take wings and fly across the plains and lofty mountains instead of coming the slow pace of oxen and horses therefore it is all right that you have more patience than I have the presidency [First Presidency] with a large company intend to start soon after conference [April General Conference] to explore the country South [Southern Utah and Arizona] they will be gone between two and three months I think it will be very lonesome here while they are gone Minerva [Minerva White Snow 1822-1896] spent the evening with me this evening she she [sic] says I must give her love to you Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] health is better than when she wrote last the rest of the family are well your mother [Lucina Streeter 1785-1858] is as well as usual she is living at your brothers Zerubabels [Zerubbabel Snow 1806-1888] they are to move into willards [Willard Trowbridge Snow 1811-1853] house tomorrow I have some good news to tell you there is a sellar [celler] dug on your ground and some stone there ready to build a house I think the size of it is fifteen by thirty [15 feet x 30 feet] I saw B. Young [President Brigham Young 1801-1877] a few days ago he said he had taken the liberty to put you [apt ?] house two rooms below and two above the city has been greatly improved since you left and you may have to inquire your way home but you will not have much trouble in finding it for most any one will be glad to give you the information my Brothers and Sisters are all well they send their love to you and all want to see you. Harriet [Harriet Maria Ashby 1834-1921] and Briant [Briant Stringham 1823-1871] is [are] to be married soon it is now very late and I suppose you are tired reading this poor scribling [scribbling] so I will bid you good night and retire to rest after praying my heavenly father to watch over you and me and permit us to behold each others faces again in this world now again good night from your ever true and affectionate Elizabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915]