37 Gammal Torv Copenhagen Aug. 20th 1851

My Dear Elisabeth

Almost at the hour of embarking for Denmark, your thrice welcome letter of the last of May overtook me at London on the 29 ult [ultimate - July]. Before going on board the Steamer I scribled [scribbled] a few lines to acknowledge its receipt, and enclosed in Minervas letter which I had just finished, and thought then that before now I should have written you more fully. but I have not found the time and even now I have to begin at 12 oclock [o'clock] at night after every thing else is thrown off my mind. I came by Steamship to Hamburg in Germany, thence by Rail Road [Railroad] over Holstein to the Baltic and took another Steamer to this place where I arrived on the 3d inst[instant - August]. My sea voyage opprated [opperated] [to] thouroughly [thoroughly] cleanse my stomach and thereby contributed much to my health, and I feel much more lively and energetic both in body and mind since my return than I have before for months -

I was thrice welcomed back again among my brethren who were in anxious expectation for me. I found here several of the saints from Aalborg who had fled from the scenes of persecution there. they are full of joy & Holy Ghost. The persecutions in this country like all others bring forth the fruits of righteousness and adds new life to the Saints and gives a new impetus to the work - It is now spreading gradualy [gradually] and working its way among the people more than ever - There have been many baptised [baptized] since my return -

I called a conference soon after I returned which is now Just closed it being the first in Denmark - I asscertain [ascertain] there are [sic] have been about 350 Baptised [baptized] in all in Denmark We had an excellent conference and ordained and sent out several new Elders & Priests and gave much instructions which gladen [gladdened] the saints greatly - They seem almost ready to eat me up since my return. I have been publishing another pamphlet since my return and at the conference began to lay the foundation for publishing a monthly periodical, which I shall probably begin to issue in about a month from now. I expect in a few days to take a trip to the province of Jutland about 160 miles to visit the saints there, shall be back in about a couple of weeks and shall be looking for another letter from Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882]

about that time. Bro Dykes expects to start home this fall. I am in hopes my children will be able to take care of themselves with my Fathers aid so that I can leave them in the spring - for I feell [feel] as though I should want to set my face Zionward [Zion ward] by that time. There is a great desire to gather among the saints here and had it not been for the council [counsel] in the last Epistle for the saints in England to wait for the new rout [route] via the Istmus [Isthmus of Panama] and San Diego, I should have sent a small company from here this coming winter with Bro. Dykes.

My effectionate [affectionate] and beloved Elisabeth, I hardly know how to refer to your lamented mother. It would have been a satisfaction to me to have shared the sorrow of your heart at the time of your bereavement but as this was not permitted I hope to be able to shew [show] my appreciation of her worth by my conduct towards her children. I am glad to learn of the happy condition of your sisters Susan & Martha and also of Benjamins marriage. I wish you to remember me warmly to brother Buchland [Buckland] and family and likewise to Brother Stringham and Susan.

Brother B's [Buckland] kindness & liberality to us in our outfit I shall always remember with gratitude. May they be fruitfull [fruitful] in all good things. Do not neglect to write by every oppertunity [opportunity] during the winter and in the spring. Direct to Kanesville all that you send next spring and if I should fail to come home I can write in season to have them remailed to me - My love to all my friends & brethren who ask for my welfare but first & chief to my own faithfull [faithful] and tried Artimesia, Minerva and all the little ones. May grace, peace comfort, health & Joy in the Holy Ghost abound unto you all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Yours effectionately [affectionately] in everlasting bonds

E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

[Note from left margin of first page:]

Elisabeth be of good cheer, time flies rapidly and soon we shall embrace each other again and feel doubly paid for our sacrifices. Visit with & cherish true love for A. [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] & M. [Minerva] as I doubt not you do. I wish Melissa & Susan and all the other young mothers to Kiss those little interesting creatures for me.

E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

37 Gammal Torv

Copenhagen Aug. 20th 1851

to Elisabeth

Note on back to Sister Mary Gates

from E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

To Sister Mary Gates I thank you much for your letter. I beg your pardon for devoting no more to you than this corner - but my time now forbids and a longer delay will privent [prevent] this reaching Indipendance [Independence, Missouri] for the Oct. [Oct 1851] mail -

I freely award Judgment in favour [favor] of your sanity (& rejoice that you begin to think yourself usefull [useful] in the world) with the single exception of that partial presumption that you had learned to appreciate Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] real worth better during my abscence [absence] than I had in living with her so many years. But even this is an encomium upon the wife of my youth so rich and flatering [flattering], that I am only ready to award you the higher need of praise for your superior discriminating powers. for in truth It seems that I can myself better appreciate her excellences and the sacrifices She has made for my sake and the Gospels, when I am abscent [absent]. Besides I doubt not that she is continually improving and developing more fully her good qualities, for it has been my earnest and continual prayers that both myself and all my family might greatly increase in wisdom & real goodness and practical Godliness during our long seperation [separation], and I have felt the assurences [assurances] of the Holy Spirit answering my prayers - It is therefore very cheering to read as I have many times over your high commendation, not only of Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] but of M. [Minerva] & E. [Elizabeth] - and of all my family. The unnecessary and sometimes unintentional wounds which I have inflicted upon unpresuming spirits are always afterwards [afterward] severer wounds upon myself. Nothing from Jacob since my last. farewell.

E. S. [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]