Mrs. Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882]

Great Salt Lake City

Via Independence Mo. Utah Teritory [Utah Territory]


15 Wilton St. Liverpool June 24th 1851

My true and faithfull [sic] Artimesia.

Having just regaled with Brother Franklin [Franklin D. Richards] upon a cup of excellent green Tea (which I would have you understand neither of us often indulge in now-a-days) and discussed over the teapot the superior qualities of our respective families; and gossiped freely of the delights of home, and "the good time thats comeing [coming]" when we all meet again"; I now seat myself in his bedchamber to commence a little bit of a talk with you; But this carrying on a conversation at the extremities of "the lines" when it takes ten months to get an answer although we are thankfull [thankful] for it as a substitute, is far from being the thing itself. How long it will be before the Lord will grant us the priviledge [privilige] of mingling our cheerfull [cheerful] voices together I am unable to say But if the interests of the cause will allow me to leave Denmark next Spring so as to arrive home next fall it will surely be much to my gratification. But I dare not allow myself to drive any stakes. I had thought perhaps this springs mail might bring something from the Presidency direct or through you that would enable me to begin to make some calculations about the time of returning. But I doubt not it is all right. I wish you to continue you[r] writing every month untill [until] you see me. It will be better for letters to arrive in this office after I am gone than that I should remain in Europe and you neglect to write me.

Yesterday I returned here from Preston [Preston, England] & found yours of March 23d in waiting having arrived on the 22d inst[ant] which was truly a welcome messenger. It was a little earlier in the season than I had expected to have received it. The "Deseret News" as late as the 8th April containing the Epistle; likewise some letters, arrived here by the last previous Steamer on the 18th, all of which were full of interest to me, but still was left an aching void that could only be filled by the arrival of letters from my own domicil [domicile]. but even when received it breathed a spirit of Melancholy. Although it might be expected from one who is so inclined to linger upon the dark side of the picture, after having parted with your effectionate [affectionate] & suffering sisters as well as our Son, and also disappointed in the pecuniary aid on which you had counted. But never mind all these things Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] , there is a better time coming. cultivate hope - without it there can be no faith, but dispair [despair] will follow. You say after recounting the sufferings and Death of Mary and other friends & your own forlorn situation you do not know why you are spared or of what use you are etc - I can answer you quickly - You are the youngest but only member of your father[;s] house in the Kingdom, and you want to live to do a work for your worthy parents and connexion [connection] in the Temple of God. You are spared to cheer & enliven my spirits and strengthen me in my work whether at home or abroad - You are spared & needed to rear & instill the principles of faith and righteousness into those pledges of our mutual effection [affection] who are destined to perpetuate our name & honor forever, so that they may be shining lights in our Horizen [horixon] besides you have at least two more to bear me - so cheer up my Dear, the best time is yet to come - By the way although I am glad that you have resolved to send from someone a letter every month, yet you need not think it will make me very sorrowfull [sorrowful] to receive a monthly scroll from each of you - for every one however often will contain something refreshing to my soul -

I wrote you from Copenhagen in time to go from Indipendence [Independence, Missouri] by the March [Mar 1851 mail & again by the April [Apr 1851] mail likewise by Elder Pratts [Orson Pratt] family who are also bearers of Presants [presents] to you; all of which I trust you will have received by the time this reaches you - also the cloaks by Elder James Coumings [James Cummings] - I am glad to learn that the children are at school but I have not yet learned that Sarah is baptised [baptized] - I hope you will see that they are not lacking in books or any facility for education that is possible to procure them - The Utah Library I trust will be duly appreciated & improved by you all. I have lately received a letter from Brother Zerubhable [Zerubabble Snow] & his wife dated Kanesville May 12th - You will probably soon see them. I cannot answer it by this mail but Please present them my thanks & say "God Bless them" for me - Say to his wife - that laconic postscript, She will be able to fill up with good things of the Kingdom when the clouds pass away and the spirit is poured upon her from on high.

The publication of the Book of Mormon in Danish I finished the 22d May and a part of them are now bound and being circulated - as also other small publications, & I now feel greatly releaved [relieved] of the burden that was upon me. My great anxiety and excessive labours added to the change of climate wore upon my health last winter but I am now revived & refreshed & in fine spirits. I left Copenhagen after completing the Book of Mormon and regulating the affairs of the saints appointing the brethren their labours etc, to Join the Twelve & American Elders in Conference in London [Lodnon, England] & to rest & recruit [revive?] myself -

I visited a German Nobleman & family on my way by request. I passed through a port of Germany. Hanover, Prusia [Prussia], Belgium, and so crossed the English channel to Dover - & come [came] nearly all the way by Rail Road [railroad] from Denmark to London. Had a fine time with the Brethren in London. Besides the four of the twelve [Quorum of 12 Apostles] & the most of the American Elders there is about or near four thousand saints in the London Conference. The great Exibition or the worlds fair is of itself worthy the attention of an observer one whole month - The glass palace built in six months time, in Hyde Park, expressly for the fair is 1848 feet long 408 feet wide by 68 high. to be appreciated & it[s] contents it must be seen -

The work of our Mission is onward againts [against] a strong current and in a hard country to labour. There have been baptised [baptized] about 270 persons & several now beginning to make preachers - four organized Branches and others in a scatered [scattered] condition - about 150 in Copenhagen - I left Bro Forssgren presiding in Copenhagen. Bro. Hansen I gave a mission to one of the provinces about 150 miles off - I am in haste to get this into the next mails so that it will reach Independence [Independence, Missouri] by the 1st August - I cannot write so full as I would wish on any subject - I shall probable [probably] write to the Presidency [First Presidency of ther Church] soon and of course to you again soon so farewel [farewell] My Beloved wife [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] & little ones - I expect soon to return to Denmark - Elder Taylor to Germany about 200 miles from Copenhagen - My warmest love & rememberences [remembrances] to Minerva & Erastus, Elisabeth & all the rest. I hope soon to hear from them - perhaps before I leave England - Your true & effectionate [affectionate] husband, Erastus Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]