Great Salt Lake City May 28 1851

My dear and ever remembered Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

I have seated myself this evening after the family have retired to rest to enjoy myself in writing to one who is always present in my mind and it is indeed a great blessing that we can share the priveledge [privilege] of conversing by way of pen and paper when we are so widely sepperated [separated]. we received a letter dated January sixteenth last saturday, and another dated Febuary [February] fourteenth arrived yesterday. I was very much pleased with your letter to me do not think me foolish when i [I] tell you I have read it til [until] I have it by heart I was much pleased to hear that we are going to have a library here for I think it is very much needed I can find nothing here hardly worth reading those few who have brought books do not like to lend them I am sill living with Susan her health has improved in a measure since I last wrote to you she has a fine Daughter she is now five months old she is the most interesting child I ever saw but perhaps I am a little partial your family is all well Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] and Minerva has [have] written to you by the two last Mails I visit with them occasionally I was over last night and spent the night with Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow 1819-1882] I hardly know how to commence to inform you of the death of our poor Mother who died the twenty-third of this month Dr [Jeter] Clinton tended her and felt a great interest for her she was sick eleven days and suffered a great deal but she retained her senses until the last moment she shurly [surely] died the death of a saint she spoke with rapture of meeting Father Joseph [Smith Sr.] Hyrum [Smith] and all her friends that had gone before her it is a heavy blow for us her children. I fully realize the loss we have sustained the small children are all with Bryant at present and going to school Harriot is here also she has the care of the youngest child Louisa according to mothers request it was also her request that I should the [take] charge of Emma Benjimin [Benjamin] is married to a girl by the name of Robison sister to Rosetta Grant and is living on a farm Martha was married last winter to Br Buchland[Buckland] she is living North with the family she appears to enjoy herself very much I intend as soon as convenient to go and make her a visit of a few weeks I have had very little time since you left of visiting for I have allways [always] found enough to keep me busy all the time and indeed I enjoy myself better to stay at home and work on visiting among our own folks you say you rejoice in the prosperity of my temporal labors therefore I will tell you what I have been doing this spring I have taken the job of making one dozen tents for the benefit of the minute men for which I am to receive four dollars each I have them but half finished now I must leave them for a while and take care of the children the President [Brigham Young] with a large company returned from a visit to Iron county on saturday after an absence of four weeks the brass band went to meett [meet] them as far as cotton-wood[Cottonwood] we were all heartily glad to see them return they bring cheering news from there shurly [surely] the Lord watches over his people in the vally's [valleys] of the Mountains as well as elswere [elsewhere] [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888] I hope aloy [you] will soon be able to inform us when you will be at home but I suppose I must not be too anxious about it but wait the due time of the Lord but time looks very long to look ahead you say you have not ceased to pray [for] me and I belive [believe] I have felt the influence of your prayer at times I hope you will continue to pray for me as I shall always remember you in my prayers I am much pleased to hear of your prosperity in that land and that the Lord has watched over you for good and gives you strength to bear all the heavy burdens that are placed upon you and I pray that he may still continue to watch [over] you and preserve your life that you may be permitted to return to the bosom of your family and they will be ready to receave [receive] you with open arms I had almost forgot [forgotten] to tell you that Melissa has a fine boy just one week old she is quite comfortable Brant and Susan send there [their] love to you I forgot to tell you she is happy and contented and why should she not be she has a kind and affectionate husband a beautiful babe and everything to make her comfortable It is growing late and I do not think of anything more to write that will be interesting to you and I will retire to rest after asking the Lord to watch over you and me that we may be permitted to meet and embrace each other again in this world I must now bid you good night [goodnight] while I go to sleep to dream of you as I often do write to us often for it is comforting to hear from you fr [from] your ever true and effectonate [affectionate] Elizabeth