Envelope: Mrs Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882] G.S.L. City

Oct . 30 1849

Little Sandy 25 miles West of the South Pass

My Dear wife & family we are all well and teams in fine spirits - good feed and excellent weather - We have averaged 25 miles a day since we left the ox teams - Mr. Vasquez is on his way to the valley with groceries for sale by whom we send letters - We have met in the road this morning and stoped [stopped] but for a moment to write and we wish to reach the pass tonight.

We expect to meet Thomas Wiliams [Thomas Williams] between here and Larimie [Laramie, Wyoming] by whom you will here [hear] of us again. I wish Charles to watch for an oppertunity [opportunity] to buy the tens adjoining mine so as to get about 40 acres in a body if he can and have it well fenced before I get back, and sell the further lot No. 2 Block 40. But hold on to the five. When He builds the barn I want he should get Bro. Frost [Brother Frost] to make some irons to hold on to the ends of the cross beams so as to come outside the dolies to support the wall. Jacob [Jacob Gates, b. 1811] wants Mary [Mary Minerva Snow, b. 1813] to be on hand when Vasquez gets there with his sugar - He has agreed to sell three pounds for a dollar. He wishes to be remembered to his family likewise to Sister Aldrich & Bro. Bueland as also myself.

Yours in haste.

E. Snow [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]