My Dear wife [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882] family, we landed here safely and in good health on the 15th inst [instant – Saturday 15 Jan 1848] and we leave here tomorrow [Sunday 16 Jan 1848] on the Steamer Oregon. Brother Hyde [Elder Orson Hyde 1805-1878] has been gone about three weeks It cost us nearly thirty dollars [$30] each to come from the Bluffs [Council Bluffs, Potawattamie, Iowa] to this place [St. Louis, Missouri] and we had a very tedious journey. Scotts team was so weak & so heavy loaded and got along so slow that we got impatient and left it at Savanna and came by stage and back from there here and were about $30 in debt when we arrived which we had to borrow to pay the man who brought us in to the city. But the Saints here have not only made it up but have also raised enough to carry us on to Philadelphia [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania].

Brother Grays folks are all about the same as ever. I think Abigail [Abigail Caldwell Gray 1826- ] has quite a fine husband as far as I have seen him. he was made acquainted with her true situation before he married her. Bro. Felts [Brother Felt] folks are well all the saints are doing well here.

Father Homiston [Lyman Homiston 1773-] & wife [Clara Homiston 1796-] live in the same house with Sister Gray [Abigail Caldwell Gray 1826- ] . There are in the place about 1,000 Later Day Saints [Latter-day Saints] and among of them are a great [many] of our old friends But Brother Hyde [Elder Orson Hyde 1805-1878] has pretty well dreaned [drained] them He raised about $650 here. You know he always fires with dry wood. Tell Mother [Lucina Streeter Snow 1875-1858] that Sister Streeter wishes to be remembered to [her] and will send her some presents when I return. Tell sister Aldrich that I cannot find Lyman in the city. The brethren have not seen him for some time. We have called several times on the firm of [Beack] & Eddy. and find that they are intending to take a very great & extensive apartment of Dry goods, groceries, Hardware, Drugs, Paints & Dye stuffs, leather &c, &c, and about 2,000 lbs [2000 pounds] of flour. and intend to supply the emigrants with every thing they want as far as they can ascertain what they want and that too on liberal terms. They intend to charter boats as soon as they can asscend [ascend] the river [Missouri River] to transport their goods and our emigrants from this place direct to Winter Qurters [Winter Quarters, Nebraska]. and Doctor Clinton [Dr. Fielding Jeter Clinton 1813-1892] will doubtles [doubtless] be able to get everything he wants without going to St. Joseph [St. Joseph, Missouri]. I am in hopes of geting [getting] back in time to go up on the first boats and whatever I purchase I shall take to the Bluffs [Council Bluffs – Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa] direct by water I want you to do all you can towards geting [getting] things ready I told Brother Webb at the conference to send his son to live with you about the first of April next [Saturday 1 Apr 1848] So as to help you about fixing up the waggons [wagons], geting [getting] grinding done &c. I wish you to get Brother [Hickson] if he is at home, (If not Bro. Chaney Webb or some other one) to put in two or three new felloes [fellows ?] into the old Waggon [wagon] I had of Willards [Willard Trowbridge Snow 1811-1853] and whatever Blacksmithing is necessary on it get Bro. Lytle [Brother Lytle] or Tanner to do it and I will settle with them when I return.

Tell Bro. Caleb [Brother Caleb] that I want he should have the Big waggon [wagon] in good repair and return it home by the April conference [Apil 1848 General Conference] so that the Doctor [Dr. Fielding Jeter Clinton 1813-1892] can get a bed made to fit it and use the Irons that are on the old bed. I agreed with Charles to send you some Pork and to purchase also a cow for you. Tell Charles White to display his skill in Recruiting up my horses. If you will please have that Pickle kegs in trim for packing Pork in to carry with us.

Tuesday Morning Jan 18th [Tuesday 1848-01-18] -

Last evening [Monday 1848-01-17] we all had tickets presented us to visit "Bockwoods Circus" By Brother Mallary and Station who is the leader of the Brass Band. The performances were excellent. But we think there are about this time performances in the Log Tabernacle [in Salt Lake City, Utah] that would gratify me quite as much as those of any gentile city. By the way I hope that some friend has opened the way for you to partake in the general Jubilee. I hope you will enjoy yourselves in every laudable manner that is in your power. For I can assure you that whatever might tend to contribute to my enjoyment upon this Mission, is mingled with sad reflections of the comparitively [comparatively] destitute and uncomfortable situation in which I have been compelled to leave my family. But I assure you that you have my Best wishes my continual Prayer, & unbounded confidence and wish yours in return & believe that I have them. I hope your leisure moments will be devoted as far as possible to the culture of your minds and the minds of the children. If the children do not go to school I want Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915] or some of you attend to them and give them lessons and see that they read daily. I wish also that you should teach Sarah [Sarah Lucina Snow 1841-1928] & James [James Snow 1842-1850] . Pray every night. Teach them in the simpleist [simplest] Possible style and pray with them in the greatest simplisity [simplicity] and learn them to repeat after you. Kiss all the children once a day for me & as often as you Please for yourself. Sarah [Sarah Lucina Snow 1841-1928] & James [James Snow 1842-1850] you must Kiss mother for me every night when she puts you to bed. and the rest I will Kiss when I come.

If Bro. Wolley has cotton Battin [Batting] or groceries, flour anything else you want to use or eat. Just go to him and tell him to let you have what you want and I will pay him the money when I come. Show him this and I think he will accomodate [accommodate] you for he knows my business on this Mission.

I remain your true friend & affectionate Husband. Erastus [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

To Mrs. Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882] E. Snow [Elder Snow 1818-1888]

P.S. If Bro. Clinton [Dr. Fielding Jeter Clinton 1813-1892] can get any one else, to take his two bbls. [bushels ?] of flour by puting [putting] on his yoke of cows I should be glad for if I do not have but two waggons [wagons] I shall be cramped for room. I wish he would try and I presume he will find some one who will be scarce for team & be glad to do it. Minerva [Minerva White Snow 1822-1896] & Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915] What shall I say to you? Be of good cheer and you shall overcome & have the fullness of your hearts desires. Pray much and council with Artimesia [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882] in all things & dwell in love & Union and the Lord will Bless you all. even So Amen. E.S. [Elder Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

[Envelope addressed as follows:]

Feb. 13 1848 [Sunday 1848-02-13]

Mrs. Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman (Snow) 1819-1882]

Winter Quarter [Winter Quarters, Florence, Nebraska] , Council Bluffs [Council Bluffs – Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa]


Austin P.O. Atchison County

MO [Missouri]